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Radio InfoWeb

Since 2011, Rex has been a regular DJ fixture on the New York City based Internet radio station Radio InfoWeb, that broadcasts free-form progressive rock centered radio with an ecclectic mix of psychedelic and heady other. He can be heard live or on recording at all times of day, along with about five other regular DJs on the station.

Morning Emissions

A child of Day Page (below), this program is broadcast live on Radio InfoWeb from 7-9am NY time weekdays, occasionally starting as early as 6am depending. The first season ended 6/6/2014 after about 25 episodes. Since the fall of 2016, the program mutated into a mashup of music and news items from a non-profit news source. Unfortunately, that news source became unhinged journalistically at about the same time due to the election that year. The news content has been slated to move to another stream, but budgetary shortfall has prevented it so far. The Fun Raiser to make that possible is at

Day Page

Rex hosted "Day Page", a daily capsule of the morning's news that was produced from approximately Match of 2013 through early 2014. Production has been suspended, but may be resumed sometime in the future. Recorded before 6am weekdays in Studio 1A at InfoWeb Broadcast Center in New York city. The program was also broadcast on the Liberty Radio Network, with outlets on satellite, terrestrial broadcast, pirate radio, and the web. For more information, visit You can hear all the DayPages since before the beginning in the DayPage Archives.

Monsters From Pluto Drink Our Blood

Rex Latchford is author of the forthcoming full length novel "Monsters from Pluto Drink Our Blood". The planned for release in Paperback has been delayed, and a new date will be posted here when it becomes available.

Praise for "Monsters from Pluto Drink Our Blood":

I don't live on Earth, and don't read English, but if I did, this would probably be the first book I would read.

- Sargent Tinatyme of Stormwind, Steamwheedle Cartel, Azeroth

Rex graduated from Arkham University where he studied and, briefly, taught English Literature.

Cthulhu Calling

Here are links to the original story...
  • The Call of Cthulhu in one page, as penned by H.P. Lovecraft
  • The 2005 movie, an awesome hommage to early cinema and a true period piece

It's a blog, blog world...

Rex has been rather put-off by the shenanighans of questionable legality by the NSA, and is has had a distinct chilling effect on his writing. Thus, the content in the links below is mostly older.
Rex tells bedtime stories... ...before you cash out...

Short Stories

Other novels planned for future release

  • The Blood Beast Terror (SciFi)
  • Beware of The Bed (Psycho/Spiritual)
  • We're All Doomed (Psycho/Spiritual)
  • The Snow Runs Red with Human Blood (Politics/History)
  • Behind the Scenes at Radio InfoWeb (Documentary)
  • Saving Katy (Fiction)

Earlier work no longer in print is planned for re-release:

  • Megaphone Monsters from Outer Space (SciFi/Movie)
  • Edwin Falling (SciFi)

More more more... than can be organized reasonably...

  • You can find Rex on Facebook.
  • You can find more of Rex's writings on
  • Rex is also a FreeForm Radio Personality on Radio InfoWeb
    • Formerly on (in chrono order): WTTW-FM, WKGO-AM/FM, WPLT-AM/FM, WEAV-AM/FM "Country 96" as "Jake Sahn", WKCR-AM, WBAI-FM, 90.3-FM, and most recently, WDFH-FM. Not always as "Rex" :)
  • Radio InfoWeb streams live on Live365

    As seen on NPCs I Have Known II

    Rex Latchford: One of the rare reoccurring NPCs from Call of Cthulhu. He was a professor at Arkam University and author, who used his investigation into the Mythos to write cheap pulp novels for the masses. Some of his books were: "Beware of the Bed", "The Blood Beast Terror", "The Snow Runs Red with Human Blood!", "Monsters From Pluto Drink Our Blood", and "We're All DOOMED!". He was driven insane several times, and wandered around openly wearing several large caliber pistols. He was last seen fleeing from his house in Arkham, after a fatal shoot out with the police, in the company of "The Boston Butcher" John Enslinger, and Joseph "Shotgun" Decker.

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